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Danger in the fridge

Danger in the refrigerator

Everybody knows it? Fresh strawberries or salad are after only two days in the fridge ripe for the garbage can! Regular wiping in the fridge is advisable here. Nevertheless, the number of germs decreases only slightly, because fridge opening, new food and own hands provide new supplies of the undesired germs and bacteria.
Most infections and food poisoning do not only start in restaurants, but also in the household and office – in particular in the fridge!
Germs like Colibakterien, Listeria or salmonellae can not to be seen and contaminated food is not recognized.
Knick’n’clean® kills all germs on the surface of food.


Refrigerator worse than a toilet

”Most germs in the household are in the refrigerator. As reported in the magazine ”Vital“, scientists of the Universityof Arizona have discovered about 11.4 million germs per square centimetre on average in the refrigerator. On the kitchen floor it was 10.000 and on the toilet 100.“ Source: dpa (German press agency), July 2004

Upper limits and tests according to DIN 10510 of the germs regarding food-hygiene

Values of < 5 KbE/10cm² were specified by DIN 10510 (German industrial norm) for the maximum germ load on kitchen utensils that are being used for food preparation. These limits should also apply to the household where food is being stored in a refrigerator.

Therefore, the right safekeeping of food is very important for the health your whole family!

Some of the most dangerous pathogens are:

salmonellen Salmonella is found in insufficiently heated poultry, minced meat and eggs
Consequence: Stomach-ache, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting
Campylobacter jejuni are found in insufficiently heated poultry, meat and raw milk
Consequence: diarrhoea, vomiting and inflammation of the joints
Coli bacteria are found in half-cooked minced meat, meat and raw milk
Consequence: bloody diarrhoea
Listerien especially Listeria monocytogenes occur in meat and raw milk cheese
Consequence: diarrhoea, miscarriage and even illnesses like Meningitis
Pseudomonades occurs in lots of different foods
Consequence: Faster decay of cooled food
Spore and mould fungi are everywhere
Consequence: Fast spoiling of poultry, minced meat, meat, raw milk, fruit and vegetables
Staphylococci, in particular Staphylococcus Aureus are to be found on most food, because they occur on the skin, in wounds, in the hair and in the nasopharyngeal cavity Due to this cross contamination occurs frequently
Consequence: diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.