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Knick’n’clean® flora

floraintroEnjoy your cut flowers for weeks with Knick’n’clean® flora!
Germany spends about 3.3 billion Euro for cut flowers in a year, which already fade after a very short time – very annoying and a waste of money. After all, the German spends averagely € 23,00 for a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, birthday or similar festivities. What a pity if the beautiful bouquets already fade after only 4-5 days had to be trown away.

flora_packHouswife’s advises, such as add copper coins or sugar and similar into the vase, have proved to be sheer nonsense – even if these so-called „hints“ are still spread in the web and housewife’s press. Several TV shows have followed these well meant advises and each of them had been proved to be complete ineffective, worthless and nonsense.

For a simple reason: The microorganisms in the flower water increase rapidly from hour to hour, the water leading capillary in the flower stems of the flowers plug up and the flowers can not be supplied with water any more. The consequence: The flower chokes and dies. These microorganisms and bacteria are also the reason why cut flowers are removed rigorously from the sick-room in hospitals.

The durability test witht three daffodils for 7 days:

floratest1Knick’n’clean® flora (starting at day 1):
Fig. 1: Daffodil with Knick’n’clean® flora
Fig. 2: Daffodil with copper coin in Vase
Fig. 3: Daffodil with regular water
floratest2Knick’n’clean® flora (after day 7):
Fig. 1: Daffodil with Knick’n’clean® flora
Fig. 2: Daffodil with copper coin in vase (faded)
Fig. 3: Daffodil with regular water (slightly faded)

Now here comes the sollution: Knick’n’clean® flora:

The microorganisms in the water are removed by the released active component. The blockage of the water leading capillary is prevented and an absolute water supply of the flowers is still ensured. Knick’n’clean® flora is completely non-odorous, does not discolours and it is childproof because no open chemicals are used. Knick’n’clean® flora is the simplest and cheapest solution to make your cut flowers durable up to 20 days. Give one stick into the flower vase and replace every 3–5 days by a new one, ready.

Cut flowers (tested: 10 Red Roses) proved single test, and remained fresh up to 20 days before fading and were almost not different from freshly bought flowers. No hanging heads of the flowers, no flake. This for just 15 cents per day – a minimal investment with a fresh result!

What it does:

  • Cut flowers remain fresh considerably longer (verified up to 20 days).
  • Simple handling: Bend, give into the vase, ready.
  • No use of open chemicals to protect children.
  • ctive component allowed and used for over 50 years in the drinking water disinfection.
  • Simple disposal in the domestic rubbish.
  • Unbeatably low price.

Mode of Operation:

To activate Knick’n’clean® flora bend the tube to break the glass inner tube which enables the fluids to mix and start to react with each other. This reaction creates the highly efficient disinfectant. The fluid takes on a yellowish colour and Knick’n’clean® flora is operational and can be added into the flower vase. After activation the disinfectant gradually diffuses through the outer synthetic tube and thus controls the microorganisms. Knick’n’clean® flora is up to 20 days effective depending on vase. The best effect unfolds in an opaque vase and you can dispose without doubts in the normal refuse. After the first Knick’n’clean® flora has got colourless, simply activate a further one (contents of a packet: 4 pieces) and give into the vase