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Knick’n’clean® aqua for water filter plants and water tank disinfection

aqua_yellow (1)Knick’n’clean® aqua is the is the most effective disinfection system for water filter plants in 
household, boat and camper.

Knick’n’clean® aqua consists of two liquids which are in separate chambers in a plastic bag (due to the German drinking water regulation). To activate them, mash the inner smaller bag before the application.

The picture shows a not activated Knick’n’clean® aqua bag and a unit approximately half an hour after the activation. When the bag has become a yellow colour you have the full effectiveness.
Knick’n’clean® aqua should be put in a suitable place then, e.g. insert in the pre-filter case directly in the interspace, so the user does not get directly in contact with the disinfectant.

Advantages of Knick’n’clean® aqua:

  • The most effective disinfection effect of the entire plant up to the charcoal filter.
  • Very simple handling.
  • Reasonably priced system for use at every equipment service.
  • Disinfectant after German drinking water regulation 2001 permitted.
  • No contact of the user with chemicals or the disinfectant.
  • No particular safety precautions for storage and dispatch necessary.
  • Easy disposal into the domestic rubbish.

Knick’n’clean® aqua in a filter case

wasserfilterKnick’n’clean® aqua is designed in order to be used in the space between the filter candle and the filter case. After approx. 1 hour the full effectiveness is achieved. 
In the activated state the gaseous disinfectant steps through the outer plastic bag. For approx. 8–14 days the disinfectant resigns. Through this a basic disinfection is reached in the whole system.

With every filter change or at least every half year a basic disinfection with Knick’n’clean® aqua should be done. The Knick’n’clean® aqua bag can remain easily in the device, until the content must be diluted.

A compatibility with current TFC-return osmosis membranes was approved. Even after several months with several times raised of the gas dose no damage of the membranes was ascertained. Knick’n’clean® aqua works from the application point up to the active coal-post filter and disinfects thus the whole filter arrangement about all membranes up to the reservoir.

Knick’n’clean® aqua for water tank disinfection

Water filter plants are only one example of application from Knick’n’clean® aqua. Thanks to the gaseous aggregate state the active substance penetrates the whole atmospheric in the reservoir and sterilises the water-leading and aerial-leading pipelines completely. According to the surrounding temperature a disinfection effect can be reached up to three weeks. When the disinfectant is spent, the liquid becomes clear again. Then the bag contains only a salt solution, which can be disposed easily in the domestic waste.

Knick’n’clean® aqua can be also used for the quick disinfection of drinking water without the use of chlorine, considering all security advise. For this the activated bag must be cut open after approx. 1 hour on one corner. The content must be dilute and then added to the drinking water.

Basic disinfection for water tanks

One activated bag must be added to 250 litres = 8115,37 fl oz (US)/ 8446,82 fl oz (UK) of water to obtain 0.4 mg/ litres (33,81 fl oz (US) / 35,19 fl oz (UK) of active substance (Maximum allowed concentration of active substance according to the German drinking water regulation). After approx. 1 hour the tank should be partially emptied, so that the drinking water pipelines are „rinsed“. There for some water has to run for approx. 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat this every hour. After 
rinsing the pipelines 4 to 5 times the tank must be emptied. Afterwards the tank can be filled with fresh drinking water again (also suitably for aluminium tanks).

Drinking water disinfection

One activated bag must be added to 500 litres = 132,09 gal (US) 110 gal (UK) of water to obtain 0.2 mg/ litres of active substance (Maximum allowed concentration of active substance at the water tap according to the German drinking water regulation).
Advice: Using the Knick’n’clean® aqua in this way the regulations of the UVV chlorine have to be followed![/full_width]