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What is knick’n’clean?

knc_kuehlschrank_frontknick’n’clean® is the worldwide easiest solution for a hygienic and germ free refrigerator because knick’n’clean® kills bacteria, mould (mildew), spores, viruses and fungi and thereby ensures a long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator and a much longer storage (shelf) life of the foods.

How does it work?

To activate knick‘n‘clean®, simply bend the tube to break the glass inner tube which enables the fluids to mix and start to react with each other. The fluid takes on a yellowish colour and in approx. 60 minutes knick‘n‘clean® is operational.Hang or lay down the knick‘n‘clean® in the upper front area of the refrigerator. After activation the disinfectant gradually diffuses through the outer special synthetic tube and thus controls the pathogens.knick‘n‘clean® loses his effect after a month.knick’n’clean® may be disposed of in the normal refuse.

knc_aktivierenknick‘n‘clean® is easy to handle: simply bend it – ready!

Advantages of knick’n’clean® :

  • Fresh food lasts considerably longer in the refrigerator.
  • You save money and it ensures freshness.
  • Prevents bad smells in the refrigerator.
  • Certain disinfection in the whole refrigerator; up to 99,9 % of the germs and bacteria are destroyed.
  • The refrigerator uses less energy as a temperature of 7–8º C is enough to keep food fresh, therefore the environmental pollution is reduced.
  • Harmful germs are being destroyed in a reliable manner.
  • Pathogens injurious to health are killed reliably.
  • The environmental pollution by CO2-emissions is reduced by about 10 %.
  • No use of open chemicals.
  • Easy handling: Bend, put in – ready.


Knick’n’clean® aqua for water filter plants

Knick’n’clean® aqua for water filter plants and water tank disinfection
Knick’n’clean® aqua is the is the most effective disinfection system for water filter plants in 
household, boat and camper. Knick’n’clean® aqua consists of two liquids which are in separate chambers in a plastic bag (due to the German drinking water regulation). To activate them, mash the inner smaller bag before the application.
The picture shows a not activated Knick’n’clean® aqua bag and a unit approximately half an hour after the activation. When the bag has become a yellow colour you have the full effectiveness.
Knick’n’clean® aqua should be put in a suitable place then, e.g. insert in the pre-filter case directly in the interspace, so the user does not get directly in contact with the disinfectant.


Advantages of Knick’n’clean® aqua:

  • The most effective disinfection effect of the entire plant up to the charcoal filter.
  • Very simple handling.
  • Reasonably priced system for use at every equipment service.
  • Disinfectant after German drinking water regulation 2001 permitted.
  • No contact of the user with chemicals or the disinfectant.
  • No particular safety precautions for storage and dispatch necessary.
  • Easy disposal into the domestic rubbish.