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CO2 savings and reduction of the CO2-emission in Germany

Thermometer Everybody can do a contribution for the preservation of our environment. Not only the automobile industry, but also each household can decrease the CO2-emission. In a regular household cooling and freezing constitute approximately a quarter of the entire current energy consumption. Enormous are the saving possibilities.
With a small change of the cooling performance a financial saving is possible. Improving the cooling behavior and optimizing the temperature to 7–8°C reduces the electricity bill and the output of carbon dioxide in considerable measure. The cooling at this temperature does not have influence on the minimum durability of the closed products.

Approx. each extra used kilowatt-hour contributes in average with 0,65 kg CO2 to the greenhouse effect. Already with the change of the cooling temperature of e.g. 4°C to 7°C in a midsize fridge annual saving of approx. 12–20 kg CO2 emission is possible. This corresponds to an economy saving up to 25,- Euro a year.

By using knick’n’clean® it is now possible for each owner of a refrigerator (with better conditions of hygiene) to save approx. 15 kg CO2 emission per year. With approx. 35 million households in Germany the CO2 emission can be reduced at a value of 525.000 tons. Moreover the use of knick’n’clean® with approx. 15 millions restaurants, hotels, retirements, etc., can reduce the CO2-emission by 225.000 tons. This means a total CO2 reduction of 750.000 tons per year (only with application in refrigerators and cooling-cells in Germany).

The production of one knick’n’clean®-stick emits only approx. 0.08 kg CO2. With only 12 necessary sticks a year there would be just an amount of 0,96 kg emitted.

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