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The Knick’n’clean® daycounter

How long has it been that you have activated your Knick’n’clean®? Forgot this? So here’s our new daycounter!
The daycounter is started by pulling the plastic stripe out. The daycounter begins to count. Knick’n’clean® hast to be changed and restarted after approx. 30 days. For a set/ reset press the button under the display for approx. 5 seconds. The daycounter then displays zero (0) (up to 99 days). Push the button briefly to view the hours.

Put the sticker (preferably to the refrigerator) on a metallic surface so that the magnetic daycounter can be liable there. Replace the battery in back panel when necessary (approax after 16 months). Use standard a battery cell for e.g. watches.