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Make the test

Yoghurt test with Knick’n’clean®

joghurttest Put an open yoghurt or a glass of fresh milk in the fridge. Note the date or activate your day counter. When you recognize the first mould, note after how many days the food is not eatable.

Now do the same test with a new yoghurt or fresh milk with a comparable expiry date. Activate and place the Knick’n’clean® stick in your fridge. During the next days and weeks you can observe that the mould building is strongly reduced thanks to the excellent hygienic effect of Knick’n’clean®.

The active substance of Knick’n’clean® does not penetrate into the food and is absolutely safe for human beings and animals. It only kills all bacteria and germs in the fridge and on the surface of all food.

Knick’n’clean® : For people with special value on high hygiene!

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